Meet our Affiliates

Our brilliant team of affiliates who offer discounts to our authors.

Dawn Hathaway

Interior Formatter

Aside from writing, Dawn also formats books! She strives to bring the authors vision to life, ensuring the formatting matches the quality of the books contents. She is able to format ebooks as well as print. Dawn understands the value of quality formatting, while also not breaking the bank!



Alexa is the owner of The Fiction Fix Editing, an editing company specifically for authors who want quality editing without breaking the bank. Alexa has been editing professionally for the last year but has been consistently helping friends and family with books, reports, essays, and personal statements for over a decade.

Enchanted Author Services

Ashley Olivier is an avid book lover, bestselling author, and full-time editor. She’s worked as an editor for four publishing houses and completes several books each month for both independent and traditional authors. She also specializes in fantasy, sci-fi, YA, NA, and romance genres. She always wanted to work with books growing up, and she’s happy to say there’s now never a day she doesn’t get to read. When she’s not up to her nose in books, she’s likely at the local coffee shop or taking a nap with her two adorable cats.